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X-Cast – Psylocke, Blink, Rogue. You can really have a lot of fun with the cast and shine a different light on the various versions of characters you already know. Imagine a good and pure version of Magneto or Sabertooth, Old Man Logan, an evil Professor X. 

This is the 8th entry into the X-Men Cinematic universe reboot plan. Check out the intro to it all HERE.

In the reboot plan filled with things that will never happen, this one stands out as the least likely of the bunch. But what I’m about to write makes sense and I’m very excited about it. I think this will make an excellent side-adventure to the X-Universe. This one will take place on HBO, or a similar channel. The Exiles are a perfect team for the television format, and I think it needs to not be constrained by regular TV because of it’s potential graphic nature. Obviously it would work on an AMC type channel too, but I like this on premium cable.

For those unfamiliar with the Exiles, they are a team of multidimensional X-Men. Each member is plucked from their univers moments before their death. So in their universe, they are dead as they were meant to be, but they get to continue on here. They live in the Crystal Palace which exists outside of time and space. The mission of the team is to correct things that have gone wrong in different universes (hiccups in time). This allows for many different versions of characters we know and love. It also allows for lots of big deaths because the regular characters in our universe are not involved.

The first episode of this show will begin with Psylocke getting plucked out of our universe right before she dies in X-Men: Shadow King. This will be the big tie-in with the cinematic universe. She will eventually become the leader of the Exiles. I would also love to see Anna Paquin’s Rogue on the team. Both Olivia Munn and Anna Paquin already have ties with HBO if it were to be on that channel. 

The other character that has to be on this show is Blink. Both her an Psylocke will be the two constants as long as the show is running. The rest of the cast will be a revolving door of different lengths.

Each episode will focus on a different universe and the team fixing the time hiccup (with some episodes lasting more than one). The greater mystery of the show is discovering what the Crystal Palace is, who built it, who is in charge, and who is sending them on these missions. The story can take place over a single season or multiple seasons. The story-lines are endless.



This is the seventh movie in my reboot plan for the X-Men cinematic universe. Read the intro HERE.

X-Cast – Every X-Character introduced so far except Bishop, Deadpool, and Cable who are currently in the future. A few new additions are added as well.

X-Men – Cyclops, Jean Grey (Madelyne Prior), Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde, Storm, Rogue, Ice Man, Colossus, Beast, Gambit, Professor X

New Mutants – Cannonball, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Wolfsbane, Magik, Sunspot, Mirage, and Northstar.

X-Force – Psylocke, X-23, and Forge.

Magneto – Quentin Quire, Fantomex, Fabien Cortez, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Polaris

Magneto has surrounded himself with a powerful team and has claimed Muir Island for his people. He’s trying to create a mutant safe haven, but tensions are running high with the humans. Magneto’s separatist movement has become very powerful and the humans feel threatened. Professor X’s concerns grow, and he keeps a close eye on things through Fantomex, a spy in Magneto’s forces.

Things begin to be boil over when an arrogant team of humans sneak onto Muir Island for intel. Magneto, who has been preaching separate, but peaceful, acts out-of character in a mighty show of Muir Island’s power. Professor X calls all his mutant teams and allies to X-Mansion to discuss what to do about this issue.

It’s not just Magneto acting a bit out of character though. Everyone seems to be on-edge and making rash decisions and statements. The X-Men begin to become divided, first over whether Magneto is right or not, but then over minor, trivial things. The infighting and bickering among the X-Men is happening more than ever.

The New Mutants eventually leave the X-Mansion to join Magneto in Muir Island, which causes even greater rifts for the X-Men. Magik stays in X-Mansion, siding with her brother Colossus. Gambit breaks Psylocke’s heart, and she becomes suspicious of everything. Everyone is fighting someone over something, but Professor X doesn’t seem to be effected. Still, he can’t figure out what is happening.

All the X-Men head to Muir Island to seek peace, even while they continue to fight among each other. Any talk of peace quickly devolves into a chaotic battle. It spins out of control, and before we know it, friend is fighting friend, foe fights foe, and friend fights foe. Psylocke figures out what is happening, and calls her fellow telepaths (Professor X, Quentin Quire, and Madelyne Prior) into her mindscape. Everyone is being manipulated by the Shadow King, and only their combined might can stop this.

The Shadow King immediately becomes aware he’s been figured out and all the players on the field turn their attentions to the four telepaths. Professor X goes into battle on the astral plane, while the other three are left to protect him. Psylocke in one last ditch effort sends a psychic blast out to awaken everyone. She is successful, but this massive expenditure of power leaves her vulnerable and she is killed by the Shadow King. The remaining three telepaths are able to join together on the astral plane to defeat the Shadow King.

After the battle, Magneto tries to convince everyone that the human race would never accept them. He feels this is more true now than ever because of the events that just transpired. He has been planning for this moment. He says that anyone who will join him are welcome, and he’s leaving the planet. Magneto’s followers immediatly line up behind him. Then Northstar, Mirage, and Sunspot shock everyone and join Magneto (it was assumed they only joined him the first time because of Shadow King’s influence). Before everyone catches their breath, Colossus, Forge, and Rogue join too.

Magneto and his followers enter his large compound, it then lifts off the earth, taking a large chunk of the island with it. The remaining X-Men are left shocked and horrified at all that has happened. Residual feelings from the Shadow King’s influence still lingering throughout.

After the credits, we flash forward a year where Madelyne Prior and Cyclops are welcoming their new baby boy, Nate, to a close circle of friends (Beast, Gambit, Kitty Pryde).