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I get a lot of entertainment surfing the web, so by that, I will fit “5 Ways Verizon Can Improve Yahoo!” into this entertainment blog. So here we go:

  1. I understand the need to monetize, but looking at the Google news feed, you will see little to no advertising. Now, switch over to the Yahoo news feed, and you will see more advertising than news. As if the giant banner ad, the entire right hand side column, and the occasional automatically playing video I never asked for weren’t enough, they also squeeze in clickbait, or “sponsored” news into the feed. It’s absolutely ridiculous! Anyone that compares the two will quickly turn their back on Yahoo. It’s no wonder no one cares about them anymore.
  2. The article overlay. Click on an article and a pop-up of the article will appear. This was an awesome concept, but the whole article needs to be there for this concept to work. I don’t want to read part of the article (sometimes it’s just a sentence…the same sentence I read in the article caption), then have to click “read more” to load up another page to read what I clicked for in the first place. Either do this right or don’t do it at all.
  3. Stop tying in news feed articles you think I want to read, with what I search for in the Yahoo search bar. I don’t want to see a bunch of articles about Kristin Stewart because I searched for “Kristin Stewart’s nude scene” that one time. This makes me scared to search for anything on Yahoo as I think to myself “am I really so committed to this search that I want to see a hundred articles about it over the next two years on my news feed?”
  4. The left hand side column to shortcuts (finance, style, sports, etc.). I don’t want this. It adds unnecessary clutter. It’s also permanently there, no matter how far I scroll, and I can’t customize it. I will never click on the “style” shortcut, so why can’t I take that option off?
  5. There used to be a feature where you can click on a little button on the article in the news feed and opt to never see articles like that again. Bring that back. When this was available, I clicked to never see any Kardashian articles in my news feed, and it worked like a charm. What an awesome feature!

I’ve always been a fan of Yahoo! but like many people, I’ve turned my back on them. I check my Google News feed daily, but Yahoo has become a rarity. It can be fixed, but at this point, it will never be as successful as Google. Why not try something different and unique? Either way, stop making it annoying and a burden to use your site. Changing the 5 things above would be a good start.