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Last week was a crazy week for cord cutters. Three pieces of big news came out; one bad, one great, and one meh.

The Bad: Youtube TV

The Good: Disney’s Streaming Service

The Meh: T-Mobile’s T Vision

To begin, I would like to say that I’ve been a loyal customer of T-Mobile since my first cell back in 2000. That’s 19 years I’ve been with them. I’ve convinced three people I know to switch to them, and will continue to sing their praises because I’m more than a customer, I’m a fan!

Because I’m such a fan, I’ve been following the “upcoming” TV service that was to “disrupt” the whole business for a long time. I’ve been eagerly awaiting what the crazy John Legere had up his sleeve for this. Of course, my biggest hope was that it would be a la carte channels.

Then, finally the announcement came. Meh.

I say meh, because that’s what it really is, but I’m actually frustrated. It’s freaking cable, but $10-$20 cheaper. Maybe if it was 5 years ago, this announcement would’ve been exciting. But I’ve moved on. Cord cutters everywhere have moved on. We stream now. What the hell is this bullshit?

Like I said, I’ve been following this for a while, listening to Legere say how he’s gonna disrupt the industry, how this was going to be revolutionary. He built up this new ice cream flavor, then gave us chocolate. Chocolate is not bad, it’s just not what we were expecting.



Last week was a crazy week for cord cutters. Three pieces of big news came out; one bad, one great, and one meh.

The Bad: Youtube TV

The Good: Disney’s Streaming Service

The Meh: T-Mobile’s T Vision

On the complete opposite side of my bad feelings about Youtube TV is Disney’s announcement of their Disney Plus plans.

First and foremost, $6.99 per month or $70 per year. This is the exact price I was hoping for, but never thought I’d get. $5 to $8 is this no-brainer price I have in my head to sign up for any streaming service. Granted I won’t stay with them all, but there seems to be enough content here to stay a while and plop down the year-long rate. I can’t express enough how pleased I am with this price! Take a look at the amount of content you are getting, then compare it the the small amount of crap you get on CBS All Access for $10/month (commercial free package). Compare it to the content you get on DC Universe, which is $1 more.

Obviously, the second major point here is content. Multiple Star Wars shows, and multiple Marvel shows headline this list for me. As someone who was a big fan of the 90’s animated X-Men series, I’m super excited for the What If cartoon too.

To sum it up, I couldn’t be happier with the announcement here. Everything seems perfect with the Disney service and the price is the best part. I hope Apple is paying attention here because they have yet to announce their price and I’m not paying more than Disney for their exclusive Oprah documentaries!



Last week was a crazy week for cord cutters. Three pieces of big news came out; one bad, one great, and one meh.

The Bad: Youtube TV

The Good: Disney’s Streaming Service

The Meh: T-Mobile’s T Vision

I’m going to do three separate posts to break it down and I’m starting with the bad…Youtube TV.

With the recent changes to the channels and price of DirecTV Now, Youtube TV became the best deal in town. On it’s own, it was great, but combined with Philo, you had a channel package that no streaming company could rival for $56/month.

Now they have raised their price due to the addition of Discovery channels (Read channel ownership HERE).

Youtube TV is still missing Viacom Channels, so you will still need to add Philo if you wanted your MTV, BET, VH1, Comedy Central, etc. Philo also has Discovery channels, so you’re now paying for them twice.

One of the appeals of streaming vs. cable were “skinny bundles” that were cheap, but didn’t have a thousand channels you never watched. Now all the skinny bundles are adding more channels and raising their price.

I’m happy that Youtube is working out deals to add more channels. Add all the channels you want, the more the merrier. What’s important to me though, is keeping a cheap lower tier for those of us who don’t want OWN, TLC, or HGTV?

From a personal standpoint, The CW, Syfy, AMC, MTV, Comedy Central are all I really want. And I don’t want to pay $50 for it. I’m happy to grab Hulu to keep up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place. I’m happy paying for to watch baseball.

Honestly, I watch 2 shows on Syfy, 2 shows on AMC, 1 show on MTV, and now that Broad City ended, zero shows on Comedy Central. I was okay paying $40 per month that offered me all these channels, gave me a cloud DVR to record my Arroverse shows on, and threw in some other channels I sometimes enjoy, like the Food Network. Personally, I’m thinking really hard about the HD antennae and OTA DVR option now. That plus Philo would cost me $16 per month.

To sum it all up, Youtube TV’s latest change marks the end of the skinny bundle for services that include all local channels. It’s a sad day for cord cutters.


There are only 16 companies that own pretty much every channel on cable. 5 of those companies own a large swath of what you care about. One of those 16 (A&E Networks) is a co-ownership between one of the big 5 (Disney) and Hearst.

If CBS and Viacom merge, and the CBS/Viacom company merges with Discovery, then we are looking at 14 companies still in the game, and only 3 companies owning most of the channels you care about.

Two more of the small-time players, MGM (Epix), and Lionsgate (Starz), could also be gobbled up by someone soon.

Personally, I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I’ve never seen consolidation turn out good for the consumer, but on the other hand, it could give the cord cutters more inclusive streaming services at a better price. We’ll just have to wait and see how this turns out.

Below is a list of who owns what:



MTV Channels, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon Channels, VH1, BET channels, CMT, Logo, Paramount Network, TV Land


Discovery Channels, Food Network, HGTV, TLC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, OWN, Science Channel, Cooking Channel, DIY, Great American Country, Destination America, American Heroes


HBO, Cinemax, TBS, CNN, Boomerang, TNT, Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network, GSN (50%), The CW (50%)

Comcast (NBC Universal)

NBC, Syfy, USA, Bravo, E!, Oxygen, Universal Kids, Telemundo, Golf Channel, Olympic Channel, CNBC, MSNBC, and Joint ownership in MLB Network and NHL Network


ABC, Disney Channels, Fox, FX, FXX, FXM, Freeform, National Geographic Channels (73%), ESPN Channels (80%), A&E Networks (50%-See Below)


A&E Networks (1/2 Disney & 1/2 Hearst)

A&E, History Channels, FYI, Lifetime


CBS, Showtime, 50% of The CW


AMC, IFC, WE TV, BBC America, Sundance Channel


Ion, QVC, HSN, Quobo


Univision, Fusion


ME TV, Decades, Heroes & Icons, Movies!, Start TV




Epix, ThisTV (50/50 With Tribune)


WGN America, ThisTV (50/50 With MGM)

Crown Media

Hallmark Channels

Katz Broadcasting

Grit, Court TV, Laff, Bounce TV, Escape





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If local channels are a must (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CW), then this is the post to pay attention to. If you decided to go with the HD antennae and DVR for your local channels (read about that in Part 2), you can skip this one.

Before we get started, there are a few items of note. If you don’t need your shows live, and can deal without the CW, Hulu without commercials is $12 per month and will give you ABC, NBC, and Fox shows 24 hours after viewing. CBS All Access is $6 per month if you need CBS shows. This combo will save you money and give you more content than the plans below (especially if combined with a base Sling or Philo package).

So, to get all local channels, you have three choices: DirecTV Now, Youtube TV, or Hulu Live. Fubo is a choice, but missing ABC. Playstation Vue is also a choice but missing The CW. Below I am recommending the packages that have all 5 major networks. Vue and Fubo are as expensive, if not more than the ones below, so you may as well go with the packages that have them all.

DirecTV Now – $50/Month for base service

Two weeks ago, this was the best service with the best lineup of channels. I have everything I need on their lowest tier ($40). One week ago they took out all of the Viacom channels, all of the Discovery channels, and AMC. This move pushed DirecTV Now from the best to the worst of the three overnight. They also raised their price by $10, but added in HBO. Late last week, DirecTV Now added back in the best of the Viacom channels.

Have I said things change fast in the world of streaming? Luckily, I’m grandfathered into my old plan. What will I do? Not sure. At this point, I can never leave DirecTV Now or I will lose the grandfathered channel lineup I currently have. It’s a great package, but cord cutting works best when you can change things up. I don’t want to be trapped, so most likely I will leave this package.

DirecTV Now’s DVR isn’t the best, but it’s improving. You only get 20 hours (they are supposed to add more time for a higher cost, but I’m not looking to increase the cost). I’ve had shows not record (this hasn’t happened in months), or all reruns record even though I programmed new episodes only. Then the reruns fill up my space and new shows get automatically deleted. I hope to see this improve, but right now I have to stay on top of my DVR daily to make sure the right things are recording.

HULU Live – $45/Month for base service

Hulu Live is missing AMC. I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead, so this is a deal breaker. They are also without the Viacom channels like Comedy Central, MTV, BET, Nickelodeon. I wanted Comedy Central and MTV, so I couldn’t go with this service.

Their DVR holds 50 hours of content, which is 2 1/2 times the size of DirecTV Now’s DVR, but you cannot fast forward commercials unless you pay another $10 for the “enhanced cloud DVR” which makes this the worst of all the DVRs for streamers.

Of note is the fact that Hulu Live includes the $5.99 ad-supported Hulu service for free or you can bundle the ad-free service (normally $12) with it for a total price of $51 (making the ad-free service half price).

Also of note, Hulu has the best original content of the three.

Youtube TV

Youtube TV has a great interface. It has the ability to add 6 accounts with personal DVR’s for each. And the DVR has unlimited storage! This is a great deal, especially if you’re looking to split the cost with a friend.

Unlike Hulu, it does have AMC, but like Hulu, it’s missing the Viacom channels. If they did have the Viacom channels, this would be my favorite of all three. They are missing HBO and Cinemax as potential add-ons, but all the premium channels have standalone services you can subscribe to through Roku.

Youtube TV offers Youtube Red (their original content) as a standalone channel in the lineup, which is a nice bonus. Where Youtube fails though, is they do not offer a combo pack with Youtube Premium or Youtube Music. This is a horrible decision on their part if you ask me, even if it’s only to save a few dollars a month. This would really help separate Youtube from the competition, especially when they’re up against Hulu’s original programming and ad-free combo packs.

The Decision

As I’ve said before, there’s no blog or article you can read that will make this decision for you. It’s extremely personal and depends on what channels are important to you. I can tell you that for me, switching services throughout the year will be the most cost effective way that will maximize the content I get.

Combining services can also help. Philo is $16 per month and has all the Viacom Channels, the Discovery Channels, AMC, and more.

You may be able to add AMC Premier to DirecTV Now for $5 per month. I can add that now, but my old grandfathered plan has AMC. I’m not sure if I’ll still be able to do that with the new DirectTV Now that doesn’t include AMC.

YoutubeTV + Philo is $56 per month and would offer you the the most channels at only $6 more than DirecTV Now.

DirecTV Now + AMC Premier (assuming that plan works) is $55 per month and would have a lot of channels (The Discovery Channels would be missing), and would also have HBO.

My next post will break down the channel ownership, so you will be able to easily see what channels are included when I say “Viacom Channels” or “Discovery Channels.” Read that HERE




Check out Part 1 First

To get started with cord cutting, you must decide on two things: Which streaming player you will use and whether or not you’ll be getting an HD antennae.

An HD antennae is the best way to save the most money while cutting the cord if local channels are necessary to you. If a DVR is important too, you’ll also need to get an Over the Air (OTA) DVR (like Tablo, HD Homerun, or TiVo). The antennae is affordable, but the DVR is a significant, one-time, upfront cost.

If you watch local channels and get the HD Antennae, you won’t be forced to buy the higher end streaming services, which will take $20 to $25 off your monthly cost of cord cutting. If you don’t care about having a DVR, I would strongly recommend getting this. On the other hand, if you need a DVR like myself, I can’t recommend it. The landscape is changing too quickly for streaming and I’m not confident this will be needed in a year or two, so I’m hesitant to lay out the up-front cost.

It’s a bit embarrassing, but I love shows on the CW. This is the only channel that’s forcing be to buy into the higher end streaming packages, but that’s okay because I’m still saving a lot of money from pre-cord cutting days. If the CW came out with an ad-free streaming service, or the Arrowverse were added to Hulu or DC Universe within a day of airing on TV commercial free, then my whole cord cutting play would change in an instant.

If you are considering this option, from what little research I’ve done, it seems like Tablo is the best option for OTA DVRs if your streaming devise is a Roku. If you chose the Amazon Firestick, the go with Amazon’s DVR. TiVo, and HD Home Run are a couple other options.

The other thing you must decide is which streaming player you will use. This will be how you watch all the services you subscribe to. Many smart televisions have this built in already, but in my experience, they’ve never been great. If you have multiple TVs in your house, you can get a player for each and they will be connected, which makes everything easier.

The two main streaming players are the Roku and the Firestick. I prefer the Roku because the Firestick doesn’t have YoutubeTV and I don’t want options taken away from me. The version of the Roku I use is the Ultra, which can often be found on sale for $50.

If you know you’re going to be cutting the cord soon, I recommend downloading the Slickdeals app on your phone and creating a free account. From there you can add an alert for whatever you’re purchasing, for example “Roku Ultra.” when it goes on sale anywhere, you’ll get an alert on your phone and you can buy it. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars using this app for everything I buy.

Read on to Part 3 HERE



Welcome to my cord cutting series. In these posts you will learn the ins and outs of cutting the cord, all about your abundance of choices, and the potential savings you can have.

If you’ve been the person who signed up for their local cable company ten years ago and never looked back, never called for new deals, and just blindly paid your bills, then you will probably see that your cable bill is approaching or over $200 per month. You’re also not used to change. Because of this, you’re probably frustrated at the amount you’re paying, but the streaming world seems too complex.

There are an abundance of choices for streamers, and you will typically need multiple different streaming packages to fill your needs. It also seems like every day a new choice is coming out, or one of the existing choices is changing what channels they offer, or their price. It can seem so overwhelming, and maybe even make you think twice about cutting the cord in the first place.

In my cord cutting posts, I’ll try to clear up any questions you may have to the best of my ability. Unfortunately though, there is no single answer that’s right for everyone. You cannot read anyone’s article or blog and immediately know the right choice for you. The right service or combination of services is completely dependent on what you watch and how you like to watch it. It’s custom tailored to you and your family.

It’s confusing, there’s too much to choose from, the landscape changes every day, but this is what makes it so great and so exciting to cut the cord. You can also sign up for, and cancel services in a snap. Only a few clicks of the mouse, or remote on your TV will get the job done. No more lengthy calls to customer service or products to return. It took me only seconds to cancel DC Universe on my Roku! Ditto with Youtube TV and Showtime. Taking advantage of this will maximize your cord cutting savings.

For me, cancelling services temporarily or only signing up for a month or so a year is essential to getting the most bang for my buck. To put that into perspective, I currently subscribe to DirectTV Now, which costs $40 per month. I will not need all those channels over the summer. With a few clicks I’ll cancel sometime in May, and with a few clicks sometime in September, I’ll sign back up. This will give me a 3 month break (most likely it will be more like a 4 month break), a savings of $120-$160 for the year. That savings covers the cost of my annual subscription of Amazon Prime and then some!

So, will cord cutting save you money? YES!!! Here is my personal example:

Pre-Cord Cutting:

$140 per month for DirecTV

$69 per month for internet

$12 per month for Netflix

$120 per year ($10 per month broken down) for Amazon Prime.

$231 per month total

Post Cord Cutting:

DirectTV Now ($40) replaces DirecTV, saving me $100 per month. Cancelling DirecTV Now over the summer saves another $10 per month (Amazon Prime cost). This adds up to a total annual savings of $1320.

I currently trade login info with a friend to get Hulu, but if I paid for the no ads version of it, my annual savings would decrease to $1086. Still not bad. I like a lot of their original content, so if I had to pay for it, I wouldn’t pay every month.

Important to note: At the moment, many of us are currently paying for cable and at least one streaming service. I’ve read a lot of articles comparing the costs and a lot of them have Netflix on the cord cutting side of the equation, but not on the cable side. If you currently pay for cable and a streaming service, it would be unfair to count Netflix (or whatever other services you are paying for) in your cord cutting cost, but not in your pre-cord cutting cost.


As I said, things change in the streaming world fast. Since I wrote this, my great plan of cancelling DirecTV Now for the summer to pay for Amazon Prime has been cut to shreds. They raised their price by $10 a month too. I’m luckily grandfathered into my old plan’s channel selection (the new selection is not good and I would not recommend it to anyone), but if I ever leave, I can never come back to that plan again.

The grandfathered channel selection on DirecTV Now is the best out there, so I’m not sure what to do. Right now I’m thinking a combination of Youtube TV and Philo would add $6 to my cost over DirecTV Now, but give me even more channels and a better DVR. This would also allow me to stick to the original plan of eliminating them for the summer.

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When they announced the “all encompassing” DC streaming service, I was extremely excited. One place for all things DC. Comics, TV shows, movies. Then came the news that all encompassing was not what was advertised. Comics where limited and constantly rotated out. Whole runs were in piecemeal and couldn’t even be read in order. The new Justice League movie universe would not be included. And my favorite DC property, the Arrowverse…NOT included.

I get there are rights issues. Just don’t advertise “all encompassing” if it is, in fact “very limited product.” Or better yet, figure out your rights issues before launching, much as the Disney service is doing.

Still, I gave the service a shot. I was not planning on the annual price (I would’ve definitely been all-in with the Arrowverse), but a month or two would be fun. I watched Titans, which was excellent. I highly recommend this show and kudos to DC for making this. After that, I read positive reviews on DC’s Animated Universe Movies. I started with the Death of Superman. Again, this was excellent and surpassed the live action version of it in so many ways.

While watching The Death of Superman, there were moments it was apparent there was important continuity, so I wanted to watch them in order. This particular universe started with Justice League: War. Again, it was awesome and everything the live universe version was not. I followed that up with Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. Again I loved it.

Next up was Justice League: Gods & Monsters. But wait, I could not find it. I searched and searched, but it was not there. I was pissed, but was sitting on my couch wanting to watch a Justice League movie, so I thought maybe I could skip one. I went to the next one on my list and that wasn’t there either.

As far as TV shows and movies go, there is so little content on the DC Universe, that rotating out product seems to be such a stupid idea. It’s also extremely frustrating for someone that wants to watch these things in order. From what I’ve read online, fans of the comics are experiencing the same frustrations.

For these reasons, I will have to say that the DC Universe is a big fail. It’s a fail to the point that I will not be a constant subscriber, but Titans was good, so count me in for a month whenever a season ends. I will also throw a month in over the summer to check out any new show or animated movie that has dropped.


Have you ever gotten 7 deep into a 13 post X-Men reboot series, then got busy with work, then Disney buys Fox and it was all for nothing? The whole thing now pointless and can be thrown into the garbage? Yup, that’s exactly what happened! You can read how it all began (as well as links to the posts) HERE.

For the sake of my sanity, I’m going to sum up the rest of the plan here in one post, just so I can complete the project.


I originally had Dark Phoenix planned here, but the actual release of this messed that plan up. Instead, I was looking to do a Madelyne Prior story, but had yet to come up with the bigger plot of this movie. This was the last film before the big 4-movie climax.


This movie begins when Cable and Hope jump into the timeline. After what we saw in X-Force, at the last minute, Bishop was able to jump in right after. Deadpool makes the spontaneous decision to follow right before the portal closes. Deadpool catches up with Cable, but it’s been 5 years. We get many humorous moments as Deadpool and Cable make quite the odd-couple as they both try to raise Hope, who has taken the last name Summers. When Bishop catches up to them, their battle takes them all into various timelines. They all get separated from Hope, and when they finally catch up to her, she’s a teenager, who has had to survive on her own for many years. She’s tough and mature now. She’s also been living in a particularly awful future timeline where a great evil has taken over the world. We only know his/her name: Onslaught. Bishop of course believes Onslaught is Hope Summers. He then gets caught up in a battle with Onslaught that leaves Bishop almost dead. Here he discovers the true identity of Onslaught, but not the viewer, and finally realizes he’s been wrong about Hope all this time. He gets back to Cable, Deadpool, and Hope, telling them they have to go back to the current timeline to stop Onslaught. He whispers Onslaught’s identity to Cable, but the viewer doesn’t hear who it is.


After Shadow King, Magneto established Asteroid M with the X-Men that followed him. He wants this to be a safe haven for any mutant that wants to join him, but the humans on earth feel his growing defenses are a threat and tensions are high. In the big battle towards the end, Magneto kills Wolverine and Professor X wipes Magneto’s mind, unknowingly creating Onslaught. We only see a short teaser of Onslaught at this moment, but then the story wraps up. The post-credits scene shows Onslaught handily defeating Juggernaut and leaving him dying at the doorstep of the X-Mansion. At the end, Juggernaut lies in the arms of Xavier, with his last words he says “Onslaught”.


The creation of Onslaught releases an inter-dimensional wave that rocks the multiverse. Fantastic 4 and family are thrown to many dimensions, each one is in some stage of Onslaught destroying the world, taking the world over, or has already done so. They must find a way to defeat him, then figure out how to get back to their own dimension so they can defeat him there. I refer to this movie as Onslaught 1.5.


The climactic movie that ends the 13-part story. All the surviving X-Men come together in this huge cast. The movie opens as the New Mutants are battling Onslaught. No one even knows who this is right now. The battle is quick, and the New Mutants are swiftly and easily defeated. Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Sunspot are left dead on the battlefield.

The remaining New Mutants run to the X-Men to tell what they have encountered and all X-Men and X-Factor are called in. A battle plan is formed and they face off against Onslaught. Again, even with the combined might of all the X-Players, they are quickly and easily defeated. This time, Colossus is on his knees holding his dead sister, Magik in his arms (or the other way around).

The Fantastic Four arrive from their inter-dimensional adventure with a plan. The battle takes place on multiple fronts. The plan is working at first, but then it begins to fall apart. Just as all hope seems lost, Cable returns with the now 17-year-old Hope Summers, and they reveal the truth of who Onslaught really is (Professor X). Hope Summers joins forces with Franklin Richards to finally take down Onslaught once and for all. At this point, deaths in this movie would be based on which actor’s contracts will not continue.




X-Cast – Bishop & Colossus (Teachers), Negasonic Teenage Warhead (from Deadpool), Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Magik, Sunspot, Mirage, Warlock, Quentin Quire, and Northstar.

If you haven’t read the intro to my reboot plan, check that out HERE.

As of now, the cast looks to be Magik, Wolfsbane, Mirage, Cannonball, Sunspot, and Warlock. Magic and Wolfsbane have already been cast and I think Maisie Williams will be an excellent Wolfsbane! I would love to add three more to the team: Negasonic Teenage Warhead (for the Deadpool Tie-In), Quentin Quire (he will be important in the larger X-Story throughout the years, and this is the perfect place to introduce him), and Northstar (de-aged as a teen here, and him being the first openly gay character in Marvel comics is important).

At some point there has to be a cameo with Deadpool in a scene with Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Any other cameo would be nice too (maybe even a scene with Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner).

I understand that some of these characters were not actually New Mutants in the comics, but I’m okay with that. Northstar brings important diversity to the X-Cast, and would be the first openly gay hero in Marvel cinematic history. This is the perfect movie for that to happen in, and he’s the perfect character to fulfill this roll.

It’s a large cast, I know. But I really want to use this movie to draw in a whole new, younger audience. I wanted Boomer to be here too, so I did make cuts! This cast of teens will be in school, learning their powers and limits, but still have the typical teen angst. There needs to be a larger cast to accommodate the teachers and make it feel full enough to feel like an actual classroom. But in the grand scheme of things, most of these movies will have a large cast. This has to be worked out in the right way. Ocean’s Eleven had a large cast and it was done right, so it can be done.

Colossus from Deadpool will be brought in as a teacher/mentor along with Bishop. The common theme of the teachers is their constant stressing of the importance in proper training of their powers and learning teamwork. Colossus will be stern and firm, very serious. The students will constantly be trying to get him to laugh, but always fail. Bishop will be more soft and caring. He takes a close one-on-one interest in the kids, learning about them and guiding them. This will play a larger role in the movie plan later down the line. 

While the teachers play a role, this film is really about the kids. It’s all from their perspective. The main X-Men team exists, we know they’re out there battling, but we’re watching it through the New Mutant’s eyes. Outside of the teachers, the main X-Cast only shows up in limited, brief cameos. I’d would like to see a scene of them watching the blackbird through the window, off to a mission, with awe in their faces.  

As this team of young heroes are learning their powers and how to work together as a team, they will be growing up and working on all sorts of issues. Cannonball struggling with his capabilities to lead the team and the burdens that come with it. Northstar struggling with being both a mutant and gay. Magik struggling to connect and fit in with her peers. Quentin Quire struggling with anger issues. 

The team eventually begins to drift into two camps. Quentin, Northstar, Wolfbane, and Warlock are careless, but feel they are ready to be out there. Cannonball preaches that they should be focusing on their training, and the others fall behind him. This leads to a bitter divide and when the big bad is introduced to the plot, Quentin Quire leads his side to strike out on their own. 

Quentin’s team quickly find themselves in a battle that’s way beyond their current capabilities. They are defeated in a brutal, one-sided battle. In the end of this battle, Warlock lays dead on the ground. 

Quentin abandons the team after this, blaming everyone but himself. Rather than having learned an important lesson, he just becomes more angry. The rest rejoin the New Mutants and work even harder to learn so they can avenge Warlock’s death. They all train really hard, and go back into battle, finally defeating the antagonist.

In the end this large team of 8 will become a more streamlined team of 6. Being the next X-Film to come out, this will jump-start the future of X. Bishop is established in this film, and he plays a vital role in the overall story these movies lead to. Bishop, Northstar, Sunspot, and Dani Moonstar (Mirage) establish a great diverse cast, which is so important.

Next up will be X-Men Reboot: Dark Phoenix