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Entertainment Weekly Loves Twilight

I like WordPress more than Blogger. Because of this, I’m moving one of my Blogger blogs over here. Rather than start fresh, I’m bringing some of my favorite posts with me, but with intros.

This post is not about hatred of Twilight. If it was, I could’ve easily written about sitting through five movies, eagerly waiting for the climactic battle, only for it to be a dream sequence. No, this post is about Entertainment Weekly and how they gave credit for everything under the sun to Twilight, and how I prove them wrong. Enjoy.

No, there’s nothing inherently wrong with loving Twilight, but what Entertainment Weekly did was absolutely ridiculous to the highest degree. They gave the credit to Twilight for everything that has ever happened in the world and more!

 Hollywood’s obsession with Young Adult novels? Thank you, Twilight. It had nothing to do with Harry Potter, nothing at all. Nope, it was all Twilight!

“Twilight created a tidal wave of interest in the paranormal-vampires, werewolves, zombies…”

Wow, what a sentence. So big and so flawed, it must be deconstructed piece by piece. Let’s start with “vampires.” First off, I guess we have to ignore the books here because if we don’t, then EW crediting Twilight for Vampire Diaries would be all wrong because Vampire Diaries came out in 1991. But the real argument goes to a great show called True Blood. It debuted September 7th, 2008 and was a success for HBO. The first Twilight movie didn’t come out until almost THREE months later. So, the credit for the vampire craze would belong to True Blood, not Twilight.

But don’t forget, Twilight is not just getting credit for vampires, it’s getting credit for ALL paranormal creatures here. So next up, we have zombies.The one-two punch of 28 Days Later and the remake of Dawn of the Dead in 2003 and 2004 ushered in the new age of zombies and began or reinvigorated many people’s love affair with this paranormal creature. Over the next few years, a string of cool, new zombie moves came out in the theaters, but after four years, interest was beginning to wane and the zombie craze went underground for a while, living on in straight to DVD movies. Hollywood was looking for the next paranormal creature to bring back from the dead.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer had been off the air for three years by 2006, and continued to have a dedicated and loyal following. So let’s just rip off Buffy, right? Central female lead? Check. Fall in love with a vampire? Check.

What I’m saying is that a strong and logical argument can be made that Buffy deserves the credit for Twilight, Harry Potter deserves the credit for the explosion of Young Adult novels in Hollywood, True Blood deserves the credit for the vampire craze and 28 Days Later/Dawn of the Dead deserve the credit for the new wave of paranormal creatures in the movies.

A strong and logical argument can’t be made at all that Twilight deserves the credit for any of this. Unless, of course, you’re Entertainment Weekly and you just say it is so.